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What you need for the hour

Programming in Minecraft

Programming in board game

To get started with the Hour of Code -lesson, play the introduction video above

Coding with the board game

Helpful links

Coding with Minecraft

After the video

  • Climb down and pick one of the numbered tracks.
  • Right-click the button on the turtle dispenser to spawn a turtle.
  • Right-click to equip remote.
  • Right-click to interact with a turtle.
  • Customize turtle by changing the name, colour and trinket.

First challenge

After the video

  • Use the remote control to move your turtle around and learn the controls.
  • You goal is to move the turtle through the obstacle course.

  • What happens if your turtle gets lost? You can always bring back the remote by pressing “0”. This will automatically connect to the turtle you’ve used last.
  • If you ask your turtle to do something they can’t, they might get stuck. If this happens, you’ll need to press the red stop button to make the turtle responsive again.

Second challenge

After the video

  • Use your turtle to collect materials from the pile of stones.
  • Use the top tab to give commands to the turtle and try to build a bridge across the gap.
  • Press the play button to run the program.

  • You can either drag and drop commands or click the yellow squares on the grid to add new commands.
  • If you’re not happy with your program’s results, you can hit the rewind button to undo the last program.

Third challenge

After the video

  • Follow the instructions to recreate the mystery program.

Fourth challenge

After the video

  • Follow the instructions to recreate the mystery program.

Fifth challenge

After the video

  • Follow the instructions to recreate the mystery program.
  • If you have extra time, play around with the Repeat-function.

Sixth challenge

After the video

  • Use the “Set Redstone” command to power the redstone circuit.
  • You’re fully competent to take your turtle for an adventure!
  • Scroll down for more activities!

What's next?

This was just an introduction to programming! There are many things you can do next.

Here are a couple of examples

  • Keep programming turtles at home! is a free mod to Minecraft, so if you have the PC version of the game, feel free to download it!
  • Explore the turtles’ home canyon! Download the adventure world
  • Find more programming content in
  • Check out more programming tutorials at the website

TeacherGaming is an independent game development company of teachers and developers based in the United States and Finland. Our mission is to expand game-based learning into classrooms worldwide. From the very beginning we wanted to make something completely different from traditional learning games and began by modifying Minecraft to meet the needs of teachers.

The Hour of Code is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week and to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.